Saving the Environment

There is reason to be optimistic about the health of the environment. One of the main obstacles of maintaining a healthy environment is the financial aspect. Profit may not be achieved in pursuit of a healthy environment, however the it will have greater rewards in the long run. Efforts such as using renewable resources, pollution and ozone awareness, proper insulation and many more are already taking place in an effort to preserve the Earth.

One of the main contributors to the planet’s clean air supply is the rainforests that, through the process of photosynthesis, generate much of the Earth’s oxygen. Unfortunately, deforestation is a major issue driven by the demand for work in the regions where rainforests are. Regions located near rainforests are generally financially challenged and have few resources. Land is used for the purpose of logging or farming, destroying the rainforest little by little in the process. A solution could be found in the international distribution of resources. Developed western countries could provide aid to the rainforest regions and help to improve their quality of life, eliminating the need for deforestation. Of course, this is a choice that voters and law makers would struggle to agree on. Western countries are reluctant to give up their wealth and freedom, even if it is for the common good.

Environmental Protection

Another obstacle to healing the planet is motoring. Fossil fuels are a nonrenewable source that emits pollutants into the atmosphere. The use of fossil fuels for automobiles cannot last forever. However, some solutions has been found. Electric cars are a good alternative and most ideal if they are charged with a renewable source. The Hydrogen engine is one of the best motor technologies developed, given that hydrogen is the most abundant element on Earth. These engines’ only emission is water, which is much more healthier compared to carbon dioxide from fossil fuels.

Though the health of the environment is an overwhelming problem, it can be remedied. The planet cannot heal overnight, but there are steps a single person can take to better and preserve the Earth. Proper insulation in the home is not only important for the health of its residences, but allows for less energy to be used towards heating and air conditioning. The car a person chooses to buy can also have a big impact. Even if one cannot afford an electric car, a car with good gas mileage will save money and reduce the pollutants (carbon dioxide) released into the air. Clean household products can also help a person to live a green life. Many cleaning products contain toxins such as bleach, ammonia, and aerosols. Even beauty products can contain harmful toxins that, once washed down the drain, can harm the environment. Buying more natural products can reduce the number of toxins a person spreads.

Saving the environment is a hard, long process to think about, put one person can make a difference. It only takes one person to start a revival. If the right steps are taken, revival of the planet can happen.

Future of Technology

The internet has been a revolutionary thing 10 years down the line. It has changed the way of people doing business, communicating, and also the way of conducting their lives. Currently, we are now exposed beyond our own world by the web due to the shrunk borders as a result of increased society interconnectivity. This internet age is just similar to that which followed the invention of the radio and the telephone. To get the idea of where we are heading, we need to hold true the principle of ‘ The Measure of Man is the Machines he Builds,’ because technology is changing constantly.

Smartphones and Tablets

Having been around for a few years now, the concept of Smartphone technology has survived the test of time. It has constantly evolved to accommodate our society’s changing needs. The technology of Tablets has recently surged and has combined the usability of a laptop or other kind of computer with a handheld device that is practically small. Depending on their purpose, these kind of platforms were varied, but they have now been consolidated into reputable brands that are smaller in number. We would actually be left with one or two of these machines if this trend were to continue, serving as a ground platform onto which a catering system via plugins and apps has been built.


Social Media and Hand-Free Technology

The much anticipated ‘Project glass was recently unveiled by Google. It consists of a set of lenses with an inbuilt track-pad and camera, which translucently displays images and information overlaid in the vision of the wearer, enhancing mobile computing. This technology appears cumbersome as its development is still underway, but there will be definitely quite a number of applications if the idea takes off. First of all, while leaving their hands free, those in the Law enforcement, military, or journalism could use them for capturing live images or even streaming live footage to their superiors. Secondly, given the social media market on the go, the technology could be used by other regular citizens for capturing and sharing videos and images to their friends or even virtually interact with them.

Social Media Icons

The Internet and Wireless Technology

For the past few years now, London city has been the Wi-Fi capital of the world, but the city will now realize a wireless blanket-coverage as planned by the Capital’s Mayor. Similar plans have been executed in most cities across the world, and in ten years from now, most Western Cities will have free web access while on-the-go. It means you can communicate with anyone in the world, regardless of where you are, and at your fingertips. This will offer opportunities for creative endeavors, as well as a huge potential for business and banking. For the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies, this is an attractive premise. This is because most people will definitely be using search engines on the go to get solutions to problems such as information and direction, maps, and so much more.


So we now know where we are heading: An increase in interconnectivity and people being able to access each other as well as information at any time! This shows that imagination is a powerful machine in use by man.