What gender is better equipped in the computer world?

There is no secret that the computer has become part and parcel of our daily lives in recent years. There is no home that you will walk into and miss this important gadget. This can be attested by looking at both psychology and computer science. What might beg to argue the value that computers have in the human race and how it is being interpreted. What really matters the most is how these machines are being applied to the human element and what major difference would computers from the other planed vary if they would work with the ones that we are more accustomed to.

What we all agree is that a computer is a tool that is very important to the human being in order to ensure that they operate smoothly. These machines are designed in a manner that ensures it gives the general purpose of computation and versatile. There are coding languages in computers that have been designed in a way that ensures that the abilities of the users are challenged to a great extent. You will realize that despite the fact the computer language is such a large topic and one can write a whole article about it, this article will discuss more on the tools and how they clearly define computers in general. We will have to look at how the gender difference will influence the use of the said tools in general.

One of the recently so much discussed topics was at Harvard when Lawrence summer clearly stipulated how the women have outnumbered the number of men in hard science. This observation obviously was received by a huge number of the critics who have always believed that the number of men in the computer world has always been overwhelming and that it was very difficult for Summers observation to be near to the truth. There has always been an assumption among some of the critics of how the women had difficulties understanding mathematics and applied sciences. This clearly is not the case given the number of very many talented women who have not only passed some of the more complex math and science lessons but also crushed them and become a better teacher in the process.

It will not be fair to judge between men and women who are in a better position to understanding the already conceived complex subject in mathematical and technical concepts, but one thing that is clear as the daylight is that the way these two brains interpret sensory date is rather different. When men are more inclined to easily understanding images, the women will in the other part be very comfortable with the information that are verbal. What is trying to say in simple terms is that men tend to like pictures while women fancy words. This can be clearly proven by the research in the brain structure that stipulates that part of the brains that are used for visual discrimination are much more developed in the males than the females, while the brain part that is more involved with the verbal expression much developed in the females than the males.

You will realize that this has been proven in the way these two genders behave and express themselves. A good example is their preferences in entertainment. When men fancy illustrated books and magazines, women, on the other hand, prefer novels. It will not be rocket science to differentiate a novel that is written by a male to that of the women. As the latter will write a novel that does not have too much information and leaves much of the imaginations to the reader while the latter will write a much lengthier and lavish elaboration describing nearly everything.

There is not so much difference when it comes to hard sciences and the tools that are used. The raw data that is used to generate the much-needed information can be collected as numbers from different sources which are then populated in a medium so that that they can make sense. You will realize that the graphics tools are also used such as diagrams, charts, bars, photographs, with a lot of details given in false colors. These visuals are there no mane the numbers more understandable. The reason as to why these graphics are really important is simply because a very huge percentage of the people doing the research are men and as mentioned earlier they tend to react much more easily to visual stimuli.

The multimillion question here is whether women are more equipped to get date more easily when it is being conveyed as images, and the answer is a resounding Yes. This is much easier for females when compared to raw data that are just numbers. Despite the fact that the transitional division of Labour has fancied women in research roles. the figures are so alarming especially when you consider that the ratio of women in college in men at the moment is growing by the day with women being on top. The women researchers are not choosy as they will comfortably work with the tools that are already available with a few twists of their own here and there.

The sub-discipline of graphics that are favoring women brains has developed further in recent days. The forms that these sub-disciplines take are a bit complicated at some point being verbal and at the same time being proto verbal.

The verbally expressed relationship in so much in the open for everyone to see and it is no secret that the words make math much more easy and friendly to understand but for the math to be useful it has to be very precise.

It is not as easy as it sounds to figure out what tool is much better to interpret math given the fact that they work differently for both male and female in different scenery. What is certain is that both verbal and imagery need each other for it to succeed in the science world. Having said that, it will be near impossible at the moment to find a clear tool that will be very much fancied by the women but am sure with the much research that is going on and the strength of women in this filed it will be developed sooner rather than later.