Men’s Preoccupation With Penis Enlargement

Men are known for their competitiveness. For an example, look at men and sports. Men love to play all kinds of sports, they love to bet on sports, they even use baseball cards to compare players. Men have fantasy football teams. They even play against themselves in individual sports such as golf.

So it should be no surprise that men compare themselves to each other in more ways than most women realize. For example, in the gym, they are comparing their musculature against everyone in the gym, they are just doing it privately in their heads. They privately compare themselves in other ways. They pay attention to which cars are being driven by who and who’s job is better paying. They don’t say these things out loud, that would just be rude.

However, many men are also privately wondering “Is my penis large enough?”. They visit websites like Penile Plus so as to find the average penis length and may even ask their doctor. After all a man cannot walk up to a friend, slide their pants down and ask “Am I big enough?”. Not to mention that the measurement is supposed to be of an ERECT penis. No man wants to be erect in front of their friends.

A man who wonders how his penis stacks up must consider the source of the answer of what an average length of an erect penis should be. A doctor, for instance will tell the truth that between five and six inches is average. A website trying to entice a man to buy their lotions and potions to enlarge his penis may fraudulently say an average penis length is eight inches. This website would lead the normal sized man to think their penis was too small when the real average size of five to six inches is probably what he is sporting. In other words, websites and other advertisements wanting a man’s hard earned money will do their best to convince EVERY man that they need enlarging to be a real man.

Man Worried About His Penis Size

Men also compare their penis size to adult video actors sometimes. Unfortunately they don’t realize and\or may not know, that the adult video ‘actors’ are usually hired due to their extraordinary penis size to add to the ‘money’ shot.

Also men don’t consider the fact that when they measure themselves, the number they get is subjective to say the least. After all, there is no hard and fast rule as to where to start measuring on a penis or where to stop.

And then there are the guys who, for whatever reason, just feel the need to enlarge their penis whether they are within normal range or not. And who says anything is wrong with this? If there wasn’t a market for these types of products there wouldn’t be so many companies jostling for a man’s money.

So without judgement, those wanting to enlarge penis size with an extender, lotions, potions, devices, pills or whatever, my only advice is: Normal penis size is five to six inches. Anywhere around that is normal, but once you know you are probably normal sized, and you still want to enlarge your penis, just check with your doctor first.